Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Its elementary! Scary Math.

I did some scary math a few month ago.
Conservatively I spend about $15.00 a day working downtown on Lunch and Coffee. Keep in mind that this is a conservative number.

I started working in Downtown Seattle 15 years ago. I am going to use the number 2000 for the number of hours that I work a week so some give and take for when I get sick or when I work a bunch of OT. For my equation I am going to say I work 260 days a year. I am being conservative when I say that I spend 15.00 a day on lunch and beverages. So in the 1st year I spent at the least 3900.00 on food. Multiply that times 15 years I have spent $58,500.00 on lunches and coffee.
I spend anywhere from 1-4 dollars a day packing my Bento. My co-workers kind of giggle when they hear me taking pictures of my lunch, but I know others will be joining soon! muhaha

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