Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Anime, Bento and Weight Watchers

At the end of December 2004 I joined Weight Watchers with the Goal of losing 40 pounds before my 40th Birthday which was on May 21st 2005. I accomplished that goal. I went from 205 pounds down to 165 pounds. Then I slowly quit going to the meetings and put a lot of the weight back on.

On my 41st Birthday my husband bought me a Playstation Portable for me to play games with on my train ride everyday. It was an instant hit! I have a few PSP buddies at work and one of them, Evans, told me that he enjoyed watching Anime on his PSP and then he gave me the first 60 episodes of Bleach and I was hooked! In the anime there is a lot of discussion of food! Yum. Since I already went to the large Japanese Asian Market Uwajimaya quite frequently for lunch and bubble Tea, I started searching out foods that they would eat in Anime such as Onigiri, Manju, Mochi, Dango, Pocky and of course Naruto's favorite Ramen. There is a Ramen shop outside of Uwajimaya called Samurai Noodle,and it is nothing like Top Ramen. The heavenly Pork Broth is simmered for 24 hours, they ask you how you would like your noodles cooked, soft, medium, Al Dente. They bring the bowl to your table with all of the toppings. Melt in your mouth Pork Slices, Wild Mushrooms, Green Onions, and there is Chili Sauce, Pickled Ginger and Sesame seeds at the Table. I always order the Samurai Bowl which has double the Pork and a Pickled Soy Sauce Egg. I have them omit the fermented Bamboo Shoots. This stuff is the bomb. Not good weight watchers food though. :)
In a few of the Animes that I watch specifically Blood+ They would eat their Bento Lunchs. So I googled Bento and was rewarded with an absolute overload of information. A lot of that information I plan on sharing with you my dear friends and readers! Just for fun go out to flickr.com and search the word Bento. Then Search the word Mr. Bento.

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